[VIDEO LESSON] Learn Tom Petty, U2 and Green Day Style Rock Chord Progressions on Acoustic Guitar

This video guitar lesson can be referred to as the continuation of a previous lesson, where you learned an easy, bluesy chord progression with 4 chords (E Major, D Major, A Major and B7th).

In this lesson, Marty Schwartz is going to teach you few cool, rock style chord progressions and strumming patterns using 3 of the same chords (E Major, D Major and A Major) from the previous lesson along with an added G Major Chord, which is the only new chord that you need to, learn here.

G Major Scale and G Major Chord

By applying the Major Scale Formula, you get the G Major Scale Notes as G A B C D E F# G

And by applying the Major Chord Formula, you get the G Major Chord as G B D

I again urge you to please check out the previous lesson (the hyperlink provided in the beginning of this lesson) to get a clearer understanding of this video guitar lesson.

Enjoy this video and please leave your valuable feedback as comments before you leave. I am sure this music theory will definitely make this guitar lesson easy and interesting for you.

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