[VIDEO LESSON] Learn the Music Theory Behind the Chords of Beatles’ “Let it be”

The evergreen classic “Let it be” from Beatles is yet another easy song that you can learn to play on your acoustic guitar.

It is one of the most popular songs ever written by the legendary band and released as a single (alternative mix) in 1970, which was also the title track of their iconic album “Let it be”. Unfortunately, this was also the legendary Band’s final single before Paul McCartney left the band.

Learn how to play it by watching this video by Marty Schwartz..

Some music theory behind this song that you must know..

Ok, now let me cut to the chase and discuss the crux of the song – that is its chords!

There are only 4 easy chords that you need to learn in this song. C Major, G Major, A Minor and F Major Chords.

How to Build “A Minor” Chord?

So the only chord I will be discussing here is A Minor Chord.

The chord diagram (below) shows the finger positions of the chord on the fretboard and the bold line towards the right of the diagram represents the first fret.

A Minor Chord on Guitar

‘A Minor’ chord can be derived from the ‘A Major’ Scale as well as A Minor Scale. But here I will use an A Major Scale to derive the chord.

By applying the Major Scale Formula, we get the A Major Scale notes as A B C# D E F# G# A.

A Minor Chord Notes

Then apply the Minor Chord formula to get the A Minor Chord notes as A-C-E. That’s it! You learned all the chords needed to play this song.

That’s it! You learned all the chords needed to play this song.

Did you realize that you just learned to build a Major scale, Major chord as well as a Minor Chord while learning a song? Isn’t that cool?

I believe this is the most practical, easy and exciting way to learn guitar and the music theory!

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