[VIDEO LESSON] Learn How to play Blues Scale Diagonally on Guitar

This is an interesting blues guitar scale lesson by Nick Minnion which is absolutely suitable for advanced beginners and intermediate level guitar players who are eager to get their first taste of the blues scale.

In this lesson, he teaches you to play diagonal runs on the guitar fretboard using a Blues Scale in the Key of G.

But before you move on to the Blues Scale, you are required to have a basic understanding of Pentatonic Scales, as the Blues Scale is derived from one of the Pentatonic Scales, namely, the Minor Pentatonic Scale.

So let’s check out how to build the Pentatonic Scales.

The word ‘Penta’ means FIVE, so a Major Pentatonic scale will have only 5 notes in it. And, there are 2 types of Pentatonic Scales – Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales.

Major Pentatonic Scale

Major Pentatonic Scale is derived from a Major Scale. And here I will take the example of G Major Scale itself to help you to understand this guitar lesson easily.

By applying the Major Scale formula (WWHWWWH) you get the G Major Scale notes as G A B C D E F# G. And these notes can also be denoted in terms of the note intervals, as => R 2 3 4 5 6 #7 R (R is the Root Note, which is G)

The formula for deriving Major Pentatonic Scale is R 2 3 5 6. And when you apply that you get the G Major Pentatonic Scale notes as G A B D E.

Minor Pentatonic Scale

The formula for building a Minor Pentatonic Scale is R b3 4 5 b7.

So we get the G Minor Pentatonic Scale notes as G bB C D F.

b (Flat) => Lowering (or diminishing) a note by a Half Step Semi-Tone

# (Sharp) => Raising (or augmenting) a note by Half Step or a Semi-Tone

Blues Scale

A Blues Scale is a Minor Pentatonic Scale with an augmented 4th note (or the 4th note raised a half step).

So, the Blues Scale formula would be R b3 4 #4 5 b7.

And by applying this formula to the G Minor Pentatonic Scale you get the G Blues Scale. It’s that easy!

So we get the G Blues Scale notes as G bB C C# D F, where C# is the Blues Note.

I am sure you found this lesson useful.

Now you should find this blues guitar lesson easier and interesting.

Keep practicing!

And hey by the way, please do let me know your queries and suggestions as a comment below.

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