[VIDEO LESSON] Learn How to make your Blues Scales more Melodic on Guitar

This is a quite easy yet highly useful lesson by Nick Minnion where he teaches you 2 blues scales on the guitar namely the E and A Blues Scales and how to practice and play around with them melodically on the guitar fretboard.

These exercises will help you

  • gain speed,
  • muscle memory, and
  • dexterity as a guitar player.

Before you watch the video I will give you a basic understanding of how he derived these two blues scale diagrams that you will see on the screen.

Blues scale is derived from a Minor Pentatonic scale, and Minor Pentatonic Scale, in turn, is derived from a Major Scale (btw it can also be derived from Minor Scale, which we will be discussing a little later)

E Major Scale

The Major Scale formula is W-W-H-W-W-W-H.

Using this formula we can derive the E Major Scale as E-F#-G#-A-B-C#-D#-E

E Minor Pentatonic Scale

Now if we apply the formula for Minor Pentatonic Scale => R-b3-4-5-b7 we get the E Minor Pentatonic Scale notes as E-G-A-B-D.

E Blues Scale

The Blues Scale formula is => R-b3-4-4#-5-b7 which is derived from Minor Pentatonic Scale by adding an Augmented (raised) 4th note.

So, we get the E Blues Scale as E-G-A-A#-B-D.

Now you will find the video much meaningful and you will get to know easily how he arrived at the fret positions for E Blues Scale.

You just need to repeat the same process for arriving at the A Blues Scale which he explains in the second phase of this video lesson.

Please do leave a comment if you have queries. Enjoy the video.

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