[VIDEO LESSON] Learn to Easily play the riffs of Eric Clapton’s Cocaine

In this lesson, you will mainly learn the concept of power chords as well as practically applying them to play a classic rock song – Cocaine by Eric Clapton!

Cocaine is a classic blues-rock song originally written and recorded by J J Cale in 1976, but the song got its deserving attention only after Eric Clapton played the cover.

Cocaine is a classic rock song which is also a very easy-to-learn song for advanced beginners and intermediate level guitar players.

  • This song starts off with a riff on the E Power Chord. The chord shape is then moved down different positions on the fretboard that covers all the riffs needed for the song.
  • The filling licks are played on the E Minor Pentatonic Scale. You will get a better understanding of what I am talking about when you watch the video lesson by Marty Schwartz (down below).

So what you will essentially need to know here (for following this lesson easily) are Power Chord Formula and Minor Pentatonic Scale formula.

For both the Power Chord and the Minor Pentatonic Scale, you will need the corresponding Major Scale notes as both of them are derived from it.

E Major Scale

So first let’s derive the E Major Scale notes by applying the formula W-W-H-W-W-W-H.

And we get the E Major Scale as E-F#-G#-A-B-C#-D#-E

E Power Chord

The formula for building a Power Chord is R-5, i.e. the Root Note + the 5th note of the corresponding Major Scale – played together.

Applying the Power Chord formula on E Major Scale we get the E Power Chord as E-B

E Minor Pentatonic Scale

The formula for building a Minor Pentatonic Scale is R b3 4 5 b7.

By applying this formula you can derive the E Minor Pentatonic Scale as E-G-A-B-D

You are ready to rock it out, my friend!

Now that you have got down the music theory well, the video lesson will make more sense.

You’d just need to practice the riffs slowly and regularly to be able to play it confidently on a stage or to your friends or family. Or just to your bedroom walls 😀

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