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[VIDEO LESSON] Learn to Easily play the riffs of Eric Clapton’s Cocaine

In this lesson, you will mainly learn the concept of power chords as well as practically applying them to play a classic rock song – Cocaine by Eric Clapton! Cocaine is a classic blues-rock song originally written and recorded by…
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[VIDEO LESSON] Learn Tom Petty, U2 and Green Day Style Rock Chord Progressions on Acoustic Guitar

This video guitar lesson can be referred to as the continuation of a previous lesson, where you learned an easy, bluesy chord progression with 4 chords (E Major, D Major, A Major and B7th). In this lesson, Marty Schwartz is…
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[VIDEO LESSON] Learn to Strum the Chords of “Country Roads” (by John Denver) on Acoustic Guitar

This is a super easy beginner guitar lesson by Marty Schwartz who will teach you all the chords as well as the strumming pattern of the highly popular, groovy country song “Country Roads, Take Me Home…. By John Denver”. You…
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