First-hand Unbiased Review of Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar from a User

Learn and Master Guitar BannerI’ve been thinking of making a review post of the Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar for several years since I’ve bought it for my son, thinking he will learn a musical instrument.

The reason I bought the course was primarily that of the brand name ‘Gibson’ associated with it, which has always stood for superior quality.

Well, unfortunately, my son’s interest in learning guitar waned away with time thanks to the sore fingers and achy shoulders, and now he wants to learn drums! You know how whimsical some kids can be! Huh.

Enough of my blah blah blah!

Let’s dive right into the review of this guitar course…

Well, what inspired me to create a review of this course? Obviously, the well-made learning aids that came along with the course and the way it has been organized to build a solid foundation of this instrument. So I reckoned, it wouldn’t be fair on my part if I don’t get the word out there about this course to someone who is seeking a systematic study in guitar.

Also, another big benefit of this course is that it introduces you to the techniques of different genres.

If I had to describe this course in a few words, I would say “a professionally created course in every angle for a complete beginner”!

One can easily make out the quality right from the packaging box to the DVDs, lesson book, and the way it has been presented. You can see that for yourself in the upcoming videos in the post.

Maybe there are better courses out there in the market, but this course goes out to show that it has been created with a lot of effort with an absolute beginner in mind. Nothing overwhelming or confusing about the course content, every concept is laid out in a step-by-step manner, and clearly explained.

This brings us to the million dollar question,

Who’s the tutor at Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar course?

That’s Steve Krenz, a soft-spoken and affable guy, but a well-rounded guitar pro with mastery over multiple genres and most importantly a great teacher.

You can see him in action in this video…

So with that let’s analyze the course content in detail,

When I bought it, Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar course package came in a box, which contains

  • 20 DVDs (2 sessions each in one DVD so that makes up 10 DVDs and 10 Bonus Workshop DVDs) with over 40 hours of instructional video
  • 5 Jam Along CDs and
  • A Lesson Book
  • Access to their online guitar forum

This video will give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Now that you know the content of the package, here’s how the course is supposed to be consumed.

  1. Insert the first Session DVD containing session 1 & 2 and start watching from session 1
  2. Keep the lesson book handy for the exercises/reference while you are watching the DVD and flip over to the respective session.
  3. Use the Jam-Along CD for playing the song exercises at the end of the session
  4. Once you are done with the sessions, exercises and songs in one DVD (every DVD has two sessions), insert the corresponding Bonus Workshop DVD (also has workshops for two sessions) and watch it to learn more workouts for the sessions that you have learned
  5. Repeat the process for the next Session DVD

This brings us to the next video that has an overview of how a typical session will look like on the DVD.

These sessions are crafted in such a way that it helps develop a solid foundation for the guitar skills as well as music theory as you move up the ladder.

Learning and Practice Tip

To get the best results I recommend that you study at least one lesson (or session) during the weekend or so and practice that for the whole week and then take the next one in the following weekend and so on.

Now you can check out the Bonus Workshop DVD overview in this video

The lesson book is another integral learning aid in the whole package that helps you to look at the notations and practice conveniently by placing the book on a music stand if you want.

Tip: Practicing the guitar by looking at the notation enhances your sight-reading skills.

Then comes the Jam-Along CDs that includes the Jam tracks for all the song exercises that top of each session. Playing along with jam-along tracks greatly improves your dexterity and speed, as the jam tracks come in three tempos – slow, medium, and fast.

This video gives you a brief idea of how the lesson book is arranged

I believe that pretty much covers what the Learn and Master Guitar DVD course is all about.

Final thoughts

I have purposely not included any pros and cons, as you know every course has them, nothing is made 100% perfect, right?.

As far as Learn and Master Guitar course goes, being a guitar player myself, I can say with utmost confidence that it is all you need to get started from a complete beginner stage and gradually progress to an advanced intermediate guitar player.

But mastering guitar all depends on how much you are willing to explore and learn by yourself. If you have that fire in you to learn and master new skills and techniques, a course like this is all you need!

Now to know more about this guitar instructional course, you can visit their website by clicking here. And yes, I’m compensated nominally for this review. 🙂