About Me

Ciao, I’m Deepak Eapen, and I’m absolutely passionate about this wonderful instrument called guitar! Well, maybe I’m not a virtuoso guitar player, but I’m confident that I’m not a bad one either. However, I’m always striving to make myself a better player.

It has been my longtime aspiration to share my guitar knowledge with the world, which eventually led to the launch of my Malayalam guitar lessons channel on YouTube. This site can be perceived as an extension of that – to diversify the knowledge in different Indian languages. Well, as this is just the beginning, you may not find guitar lessons in other Indian languages other than Malayalam right now. But providing guitar lessons in as many Indian languages on this site is my ultimate goal, which I very well know is not an easy task that I can accomplish on my own. That’s why I’m soliciting support and contribution from other Indian guitar players. So if you are a guitar player or know anyone who is interested in contributing to this site in their language (Indian language or Indian English), then please do let me know.

Please shoot me a mail to [email protected] to get in touch. By the way, you can also use the social icons on the sidebar to subscribe to my social media channels.

Thank you!