Monthly Archive: June 2017

[VIDEO LESSON] Uncover the Mystery behind the 12 Bar Blues or the Blues Shuffle Rhythm on Guitar in the Key of G

The 12 Bar Blues Progression (or also known as the Blues Shuffle Rhythm) is the most commonly used chord progression in blues genre. In this video lesson, the tutor (from the prestigious Berklee School) uses the Key of G or…
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[VIDEO LESSON] Learn Basic Soloing Techniques by Practicing a Minor Pentatonic Scale on Guitar

This video lesson by Marty Schwartz essentially focuses on developing your soloing skills by utilizing the ‘A Minor’ Pentatonic scale and practicing it in 2 different positions on the guitar fretboard. Target Audience This lesson is perfectly suited for advanced…
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[VIDEO LESSON] Learn to Easily play the riffs of Eric Clapton’s Cocaine

In this lesson, you will mainly learn the concept of power chords as well as practically applying them to play a classic rock song – Cocaine by Eric Clapton! Cocaine is a classic blues-rock song originally written and recorded by…
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